Dr. Jung Lee is committed to providing you with as many resources as possible to aid you in keeping your child’s teeth healthy and their smiles bright! Questions are always welcome at Lake Stevens Dental Clinic in Lake Stevens, Washington, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to assist you as your child grows and develops. If you find that you have questions that aren’t included on this list, please feel free to contact our dentist and his team at (425) 334-1934 and we’d be happy to address any questions that you might have.

Does your child grind their teeth at night?

A fairly common problem among adults and children, teeth grinding can cause muscle pain, headaches, and damage to the teeth if left unchecked. If your child is waking up with a sore jaw, headaches, or ear aches, it’s possible that they could be grinding their teeth at night. The causes for teeth grinding vary, but it has been connected to stress, anxiety, or sleep disorders. For more information, contact Lake Stevens Dental Clinic at (425) 334-1934 to speak with one of our team members.

When will my baby start getting teeth?

Children generally begin teething around 6 months of age. If you notice your baby is in constant discomfort, is trying to chew on your finger or rubbing at their ears, you can check to see if their gums look swollen or sore. To help ease the teething process, you can rub a cold, soft rag along their swollen gums or purchase an infant-safe teething ring.

How often should your child have dental checkups?

A check-up every six months should help us prevent cavities or other dental concerns. However, every child is unique, so if you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact our dentist or his team for assistance.

Tobacco and tongue piercing

Harmful substances like tobacco can be extremely damaging to your teeth. Over an extended period of exposure, you will begin to see evidence of tooth decay which could eventually lead to a total loss of the tooth.

Another harmful practice that we see often is tongue piercing. The tongue often scrapes against the tooth enamel, increasing the likelihood of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Piercings increase the risk of damage to the tissue of the tongue you risk infection, or in some cases the barbell can cause extreme tearing.

What is the best toothpaste for my child?

The age of your child will determine which kinds of toothpaste are safe to use. Before the age of two, use fluoride-free child-safe toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush to clean your child’s teeth.

Why are primary teeth important?

Primary teeth are crucial in your child’s health and development. Not only do they help with chewing, speaking, and smiling, but they are also important for maintaining the jaw structure that will allow the permanent teeth to properly erupt.

What is Xylitol and how does it work?

Xylitol can often be mistaken for an artificial sweetener. However, xylitol is a natural sugar that can be found in plants and is also produced in your own body. Xylitol can aid in preventing bad bacteria from forming in your mouth by helping reduce the acid. This, in turn, helps prevent cavities and tooth decay.

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