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In order to take your smile to never-before-seen levels, you’ll need to assess various aspects of your life and your aging oral health care. As we age, our teeth and gums can begin to wear down if we are not practicing effective oral hygiene routines on keeping our smile safe from various risks in our daily lives. By understanding risks in your life and what you can do to apply modern technology and cutting-edge treatments to your teeth and gums, you stand a better chance that your smile will continue to provide for you for the rest of your life. Here are some tips to help you get started:

– When cleaning your mouth out make sure to always use nonabrasive products.
– Brush your teeth at least twice every day. Make sure to use a brush that has soft bristles and is replaced regularly.
– Don’t forget to floss every day with shred-resistant dental floss.
– Avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco.
– Assess all substances in your diet that could be putting your teeth at risk.
– Visit our dentist for an assessment of your oral health and regular checkups and cleanings as needed.
– If you have dentures or other prosthetic devices in place, always make sure to clean them properly.

Are you familiar with the effects of aging in dental health? Be sure to make time in your life to visit our dentist at Lake Stevens Dental Clinic for aging oral health care treatments. To set forth an appointment with Dr. Fred Chittenden at our dental office in Lake Stevens, Washington, you can call us at (425) 334-1934.