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Family Dentistry in Lake Stevens: Comprehensive Care for Patients of All Ages

Lake Stevens Dental Clinic offers dental care for the entire family. Dr. Fred and his team provide preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care to improve and maintain the dental health for patients of every age. Visit our practice for comprehensive care.

A Dental Practice Committed to You

The team at Lake Stevens Dental works diligently to provide families with customized, dedicated care. We aim to prevent complications by providing routine care, as well as address existing dental issues, such as decay and gum disease, to improve dental health and encourage overall wellness.

Services offered at Lake Stevens Dental include:

Root Canal Therapy is required when a tooth’s pulp becomes infected and cannot be saved. This procedure clears the root canal of harmful pathogens, removes existing decay, and seals the root canals to prevent further infection.

White Fillings are used after a patient has been cleared of all cavities. We use tooth-colored fillings to imitate the natural color of teeth, aiding in masking treatment.

Same-Day Crowns are now available with CEREC. We supply patients with high-quality one-visit crowns that imitate the color and sheen of natural teeth. These restorations are reliable methods for repairing the structure of a damaged tooth and protecting it against further decay.

Bridges can be made to replace missing teeth. These restorations use healthy adjacent teeth to stabilize its position in the smile and close gaps between teeth. These require slight alteration to stabilizing teeth necessary to hold bridges in place.

Partial and Complete Dentures are available at our practice. We provide fitting and fabrication to help patients restore dental function and improve the appearance of their smile.

As an extension of our services, we also offer patients laser dentistry services to improve the care we provide. Laser dentistry can address cold sores, eliminate gumline sensitivity, contour the gum line, assist in periodontal therapy, and significantly decrease the amount of bacteria present in the mouth. Dental care performed with the assistance of laser dentistry can improve the success rate of restorations, reduce healing time, and reduce the chances of pathogens entering the body.

Your Snohomish County Family Dentist

As part of his commitment to providing families with exceptional dental care, we put a great deal of effort in getting to know our patients and finding out their dental goals. We believe listening to our patients and learning of their expectations helps to improve the care we can provide as well as improve upon the comfort we can supply patients before, during, and after treatment.

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Patients in Lake Stevens and the surrounding Snohomish County communities can look forward to comprehensive care for the entire family at Lake Stevens Dental. Call or visit our practice and schedule a consultation with Dr. Fred to find out how we can help you achieve your best smile yet!


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